Balancing ‘Color Complements’ Changes Your Point of View

An aha that comes from that change is the beginning of transformation from being stuck in what doesn’t work to allowing a life of discovery and fun.

If you are human, you have experienced stuck energy.  What this means is that all of us have taken on a specific ways of looking at life and living it that don’t leave room for another point of view.

This means we are stuck in . . .

  • thoughts that cycle through, but don’t solve anything
  • emotions that come back again and again
  • patterns we took on from parents, institutions, and society

Sound familiar?  What happens when you get together with your family of origin?  Do old hurts surface?  Do you feel like you’re being treated like a child, even though you’re an adult?

Guess what!  You’re not alone.  It is the rare person indeed who doesn’t find those old patterns coming up, even ones you thought you had dealt with.

However, there is good news!  Through Complementary Color Therapy the energy stuck in these patterns can be dissolved, never to come back again.

What would it feel like to gather with your family when you are actually being treated as the adult you are? What if you no longer attracted situations and people that remind you of old hurts or beliefs that tell you that you are not good enough?  What would it take to allow more feel-good in your life?

First, we have to accept something very basic.  Often we get stuck in wanting others to change.  We feel it is their fault that we feel upset.  But, the truth is that the only person you can change is you.  When you move the stuck energy in you, others unconsciously treat you differently.  They feel the change.  They are no longer attracted to energy that sets up old patterns.  During the color therapy process you turn your attention to growing and changing yourself.  The rest follows on its own.

So, let’s look more closely at this form of color therapy.  Complementary Colors are across from each other on the color wheel.  One is a warm color that connects you to your human side and the other is a cool color that connects you to your spiritual sideInstead of limiting your options, you now free up inner wisdom.  New ideas bubble up that come from your deepest desires.  You learn to love yourself and others just as you are.  You see life as a place of experiencing and learning from what has been uncomfortable so you can now choose a happiness that is soul deep.

You can certainly get to this point through other modalities that shift patterns, but what we find is this is a simple, gentle way to use color which is already familiar to you.  Colors become your friends–ones you can call on at any time.  The shifts are often so fast they leave you amazed.

During a Complementary Color Therapy Session with  Chris, we dissolved a very large energy attachment to her back.  She knew she had felt tired and heavy, but the relief she felt was amazing.  She had allowed herself to be attached to something that was draining her.  It could have been a person, a situation, or a long held belief.  She didn’t need to know.  Obviously, she was ready to let it go.  A week later she still noticed the difference.  This treatment was done through the breathing and visualization exercises that we did by phone.

The Level I colors are energy centers in the body that may be understood as chakras (wheels of light) that have been used to stay healthy from as far back as ancient Egypt.  For example Red is the lowest part of the body.  Its complement is green which is the heart, chest, shoulders arms and hands.  Through specific visualization and breathing exercises, these colors work together as partners to break up stuck energy in those areas.  Since Red is about survival, you may be shifting fears about lack of money or concerns about your safety.  This may show up as pain in the sacrum, knee joints that hurt, or foot discomfort that just won’t go away.  The Red is paired with its complement Green.  The Green allows your heart to open so you know there is help you may not have thought of.  You may remember that if you stay connected to your heart wisdom, you will know how to stay safe by avoiding what is unsafe because you feel the danger. Using the colors together in specific visualization and breathing exercises allows you use your whole self, both human and what is beyond your human abilities.  Check out this YouTube video that shows you this process in more detail.

In the Product Tour, you will find “tools” that help you use this combination of colors.

The Level 2 colors take you deeper.  As you finish the Level 1, your energy gets lighter (finer).  You begin to observe what is happening, instead of just participating through old patterns.  You find you can shift old patterns and make decisions from a place of non-judgment, while using your discernment instead.  This helps you connect more deeply with your heart’s desire.  This your joy and your service to the world

Level 2 opens you up to a higher sense of purpose, to psychic gifts you didn’t know you had, and encourages you to exercise your spiritual leadership.  You find you can live through compassion without expectations.  Every day becomes a surprise.  Stress disappears.  You attract amazing people, exciting experiences, and support in unexpected ways.  How would you like to live like that?

This is possible through Complementary Color Therapy.  Remember to watch the YouTube video.  Feel free to ask questions.  Sign up for a free mini ColorCard Reading or 15 minute CCT session with the practitioner of your choice on the Practitioner’s page.

 Training and Certification

We also offer training and certification at both levels.  If you have been attracted to color and want to transform yourself and the world, this could be for you!  We support you all along the way and then include you on our Facebook Group for certified practitioners.  We have periodic updates that keep you in the loop.

It is our joy to offer the tools available on The Power of Color web site.  We look forward to your questions and comments.  Come join us in an amazing journey!


Arlene Arnold, founder of Complementary Color Therapy

Color Therapists Around the World

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