Spiritual Resilience

Have you been expanding your spiritual horizons over the years with courses, books and seminars, techniques and methods to help refine the best version of you? What a lot of opportunities we have had!

And yet, with all that,  living  what you have learned can be challenging. Many of us feel that way.

Living from Integrity and Compassion

We persist in living from integrity and compassion as best we can. And yet when we are in the midst of the messiness of life there is a tendency to forget the spiritual tools we have learned. These are the times we need each other.


Focusing on living authentically and noticing what gets us off track calls for paying attention.

When we focus together we feel less alone, stronger, and more able to keep our commitments to ourselves.


Listening & Sharing

Likely you already know what is best for you to eat, read, watch on TV, or do. You know who the people are who inspire you and what practices like meditation or yoga work best for you. The question is, do you do what is highest and best for you consistently or do you come back to what works for you only when you have really gotten of track?

Staying with what is right for you can get lost in old habits or just doing what is easier. Hello, we are human after all.

So, as we make choices, a supportive group can remind us to ask some very basic questions.

  • Is this highest and best for myself and all others involved?
  • Are these thoughts value-added? Are they helpful or distracting?
  • What is most important to me?

Having a consistent practice of meditating, checking in with each other, listening to how others are moving forward, and asking the questions that help us focus on the issues at hand can develop a habit of Spiritual Resilience.

Imagine the power in your life when you are connecting with others of similar intention!




That’s why we are offering you a chance to join others to develop that spiritual resilience.

Here’s what we suggest as a format:

Twice monthly hour long conference calls where we meditate together, talk about our journey, offer what has worked for us, share what is happening on a spiritual level, and offer support for those dealing with difficult circumstances. (Each call will be recorded so even if you can’t be on the call, you still get the benefit of what was shared.)

For those who want to continue the conversation, there will be break-out sessions at the end of the conference call and a Private Facebook Page where you and the facilitators can share what seems relevant such as articles, videos, and comments.

All of this comes with just a $20 monthly recurring charge that you can stop at any time.

Conference Calls are on the 2nd and 4th Mondays at 5:30 pm Pacific/8:30pm Eastern. Contact us if you have questions or the time does not work for you.

Are you ready to try this out? Sign up now!


Maybe you are still asking yourself some questions.

Do I have time for this in my life?

Realistically, how much time do you spend being off track and getting back on track? Regaining your momentum can take a lot of energy. The inspiration from the group can remind you of what you know and help you maintain your momentum and energy.

Not sure if you want to spend the money?

What is it worth to you to have group support and wisdom from other spiritually focused individuals? We all know that the strength in community is priceless.  

No matter who you are and what your background, if you are serious about your spiritual journey and want to help yourself and others stay on track, you will want to give this a try.

Sign up now!

Contact us if you have questions

If you are the second person in your household signing up, the monthly reoccurring charge is just $15.
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This group experience is offered by Transformational Tools, LLC, thepowerofcolor.com, and Arlene Arnold
Arlene Arnold, Personal Change Facilitator, inspires a personal design for achieving your true potential.  Her effective guidance offers tools that reveal the layers of misconceptions that often make highly intuitive and sensitive people believe something is wrong with them. This process of discovery and transformation leads you to recognize your personal magnificence, embrace open-hearted living and fully participate in a changing world.
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