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Exploring Crystalline Colors’ 4 Series Course

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The Crystalline Colors

As we become aware of higher dimensions we are invited to interface with crystalline colors. Each has its own unique energy, frequency, and characteristics. Crystalline colors are more complicated in their geometry.  Like a crystal hanging in your window, these configurations not only express a color, but they also sparkle and flash additional light.

This course is informational and experiential. Our purpose here is to have you create a relationship with the colors. You will then learn how to call on them for assistance.

This course is presented in a series of four modules. Each module lasts 5 or 6 weeks. You receive the manual and worksheets each week by e-mail. Weekly conference calls help you stay on track and allow discussion of what is being experienced.

Groups are kept small so you have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and make the connection with the colors.

This work keeps growing and changing so we may make changes as they are brought to us.