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Heal & Embrace Your Inner Masculine and Feminine

Do you sometimes feel lonely, overwhelmed, off kilter, burned out, incomplete without a partner, too serious, or unfocused?

These are some indications that the inner masculine (your doer self) and feminine (your receiver self) are not lined up with who you really are. This can also show that your masculine and feminine sides are not balanced.

Just as we have a left and right brain, we each have masculine and feminine energy patterns that are part of us whether we show up as a man or a woman.

What would it mean to you to have access to all your abilities and attributes? Sometimes your masculine energy is needed to get a project started or to take a step in a new direction.  Sometimes your feminine energy is needed to receive love and support from others or to be sensitive and aware through your intuition. You need both your masculine and your feminine energies whether you are a man or a woman.

Instead of operating from duality that says one thing is good and another bad, we can now come from the polarity that is available to all of us. This kind of wholeness acknowledges the differences between the masculine and feminine traits. This approach to life opens ways to be balanced and whole which leads to empowerment.

As we step into a time of evolving what it means to be human, we need the balance of both the human & inner spirit and the empowered masculine/feminine.

At first, this kind of exploration might seem complicated. It can, however, be a step by step process that is both clear and simple. The process allows you to balance from several points of view.

  • Understand how we have taken on beliefs and fears about masculine and feminine energies.
  • Get acquainted with your own inner masculine and feminine energy. 
  • Dissolve old patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck.
  • Balance between the empowered feminine and empowered masculine so both are operating through your deeper self.
  • Notice how this wholeness shows up in life. Recognize this as the New Human.

This course is a home study design with weekly conference calls where you can share what you are experiencing and gain much from what is happening to others. This is a 6 week course beginning the week before the first of 6 weekly group calls from Tuesday, August 8 through September 12 at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern

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Arlene Arnold

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