Here are some groupings of products.  They work well as a whole package, or use them as individual gifts. Buying in ‘groupings’ saves you money and gives you products that work well together.

We also have gift certificates available for that special person to pick out what appeals to them!


 3 Color Oracle Card Decks 

 3 color decks

 Pull one card from each deck for a daily reading that  creates your day!

  •   A Mini ColorCard shows you a strength or lesson to focus on
  •   A ColorCard shows you what this has to do with your life purpose
  •   A Luminary Mandala Card guides you into the next phase of your spiritual     awakening

  Too often we start our day half awake and in a hurry. Taking a little extra       time to focus your day makes a world of difference.  It then becomes your       conscious intention for the day.

  Value of the Package is $62.40 – Yours for $50

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Crystalline Energy Package  

crystalline_energy package

Crystalline Energy Package

A Prism of Change through Reflection and Transformational Art Includes 24 mandala sacred geometry art along with a guide of Transformational prose.

Crystal in the Heart:
Guides you to experience the crystalline grid through which we are connected and information and energy are sent.

Crystalline Energy Guide: Understand the Crystalline Energy and how it works with you.

The Diamond Grid: Experience the grid that holds all things in form. Learn how to manifest through this grid.

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Color Divination Package

ColorCards Set:

A Guide Book Plus 16 cards. Discover what needs your attention through lessons and strengths. Plus, gain clarity about your Life Purpose.

3 Sets of Mini ColorCards:

Each of these sets contain the same 16 colors. They are different in that they have immediate feedback with a short version of the meaning of each card. Use the 3 sets because sometimes the same color comes up more than once.

Color Divination Package

Color Divination Package


24 mandala cards plus a guide book. 12 of the cards facilitates the changes that move you forward into a new way of being human. The next 12 help you experience this new way of being.

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Sacred Geometry


A Prism of Change through Reflection and Transformational Art

Sacred Geometry Package

Sacred Geometry Package

24 Mandala Sacred Geometry Art Designs

Comes with a guide of Transformational prose.

3 sets of 8 Water Imprints.  Tape them to your body to receive the energy.  Place your glass of water on them until the absorb the energy; then drink the sacred water.

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