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Mind Map revised framed 450 x 253This progression of courses takes you into a deeper and deeper understanding of the colors and guides you through important personal shifts whether you are taking the courses for your own personal growth, or you are training to be a practitioner.

If you have questions or would like to discuss taking them in a different configuration, contact us.

Please note that the Basic Color Course 1 and the Basic Color Course 1 Follow-up are prerequisites for the other courses. This has come about after offering most of these courses for some time.  BCC 1 is the foundation for everything else that follows

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Basic Color Course Level 1


You already use color everyday.  Now you can learn how to change your life with the use of color visualization and breathing exercises.  It’s simple.  It’s immediate.  It’s effective.

It’s also convenient.  You start when you want, working with the material at your own pace using your computer as your classroom as you settle back with a cup of tea.

This course is packed with information, experience, and opportunity to release what has been holding you back in your life.  It is made up of six modules which include the manual and videos.  We encourage you to work with the course over a four week period.  During the course you will be able to experience three Tele-Calls with others taking the course, or you can listen to the recordings.  Those who have taken the course find this to be a valuable part of the experience.

Color is such a simple, everyday way to

  • Lift your spirit
  • Reduce stress at work
  • Improve your marriage or partnership

 You can also share color techniques with your children so they can feel calmer, more focused and have better self-esteem.

Some of what people have reported to us after using the techniques are:

  • Everyday aches and pains disappear.
  • Unwanted cycling thoughts no longer have a hold on you.
  • What others say and do doesn’t trigger old emotions.
  • New job opportunities come along because you’re more open to them.
  • You feel lighter, like a burden has been lifted.

For those who want to be Complementary Color Therapy Practitioners, this course is a prerequisite.

Still want to know more?  Here’s an Introductory Video that explains how and why color works.


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Basic Color Course 1 Follow-up

bcc 1After many requests for additional classes to experience the 3 pairs of color in Basic Course 1, Leslie Romine (our color therapy trainer) developed a 7 week course with a manual and 7 group conference calls. This course gives you a chance to go deeper with the colors so that you have a personal relationship with them. When you think of them or call on them, they are there to help you.

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Heal and Embrace Your Inner Masculine and Feminine

no background yinYang-1-300x300Just as we have a left and right brain, we each have masculine and feminine energy patterns that are part of us whether we show up as a man or a woman. When these are out of balance, we can feel lonely, overwhelmed, off kilter, burned out, incomplete without a partner, too serious, or unfocused.

This 8 week course brings the attributes of masculine and feminine to a wholeness and high vibration that will change your day to day experiences.

Free introduction Sunday, January 31 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern. Followed by weekly modules, videos and audios plus eight weekly sessions by phone beginning Sunday, February 7 at the same time.

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Exploring the Crystalline Colors

no background crystalline_luminaries copyright no backgroundAs we become aware of higher dimensions we are invited to interface with crystalline colors. Each has its own unique energy, frequency, and characteristics. Crystalline colors are more complicated in their geometry.  Like a crystal hanging in your window, these configurations not only express a color, but they also sparkle and flash additional light.

This course is informational and experiential. Our purpose here is to have you create a relationship with the colors. You will then learn how to call on them for assistance.

This course is presented in a series of four modules. Each module lasts 5 or 6 weeks. You receive the manual and worksheets each week by e-mail. Weekly conference calls help you stay on track and allow discussion of what is being experienced.

Groups are kept small so you have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and make the connection with the colors.

This work keeps growing and changing so we may make changes as they are brought to us.

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 Illuminating the Luminaries Series 1

luminary book coverThe Luminaries are a book and card set that combines sacred geometry, color and prose. Each of the mandalas creates a conscious presence that works with you. The art focuses your attention on the conscious presence. The prose helps you understand the layers of meaning found in the Luminary.

There are two decks of 12 cards each. The first deck facilitates the shift from experiencing life as a 3 dimensional human to living as a New Human that operates and perceives life as a multi-dimensional human. This changes how you see yourself and others.  It changes how you understand your place in this lifetime. Relationships change. Work may change. How you speak and think changes. All of this is necessary as we move into a new way of being human. Deck 2 allows you to experience living as the New Human.

Classes are organized in series of three weeks.  Each week you experience and live with one Luminary. At the end of that week, you gather with others in a phone conference to share what happened for each of you.

Course materials include The Luminaries (you buy that separately), a manual, a recording of the prose for each Luminary, and a recording of the Arlene Arnold’s comments about the Luminary.

Arlene Arnold is author of the book; Lahrinda Eileen is the artist of each Symbala (mandala plus symbology) featured in the cards.

Check out the Youtube video of Simply Self, the first Luminary in Deck 1 https://youtu.be/FWS5PLpe7Aw?list=PLYZEfnF96yDmMpTwxNM_eXGsgRO-tovoO

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Basic Color Course Level 2 

color-course-2 no backgroundBasic Color Course 2 follows once you have completed Basic Color Course 1

Here is just a taste of what you will explore . . .

  • Do you carry a burden for others because you care so much?  Magenta shows you a new kind of compassion.
  • Are you being guided into a leadership position, whether it be in your family, community, business, or healing modality?  Lime Green focuses on leading from a balance of the heart and the mind.
  • Have you uncovered information and wisdom within yourself that doesn’t come from experiences you have had in this life?  Indigo opens the flood gates of psychic gifts, wisdom, and knowledge that comes from all your many lifetimes of experience.
  • Are you noticing that you are better able to hold new patterns in relationships and chaotic situations?  Gold (with a tinge of orange) shows you how to stay balanced by knowing how to draw on your ego’s abilities while following a deeper calling.
  • Are you clear about your purpose in this life?  Has it been activated?  Red-Orange activates a deeper understanding of what you came to offer in this life time.  Turquoise integrates that soul work as an expression from the heart.

For this course, you will

  • follow a manual
  • experiment with colored bags that bring through the essence of the colors
  • listen to a recorded meditation of the colors
  • gather in weekly classes through tele-seminars or listen to the recordings

Following the 8 weeks of classes, you can schedule a personal session with a certified practitioner which is covered by your course tuition.

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CCT 1 Practitioner Training & Certification

yellow backgroundThe Basic Color Course Level 1 is a pre-requisite

This is a 22 week program plus certification that is offered Online.  You can start when you are ready.  You will be paired up with a small group of others taking the course at the same time.  You will also be part of a Face book Group who have taken the training or are in the process of the course.
By the time you have finished the course you will feel like Complementary Color Therapy is as automatic as breathing.  You will have experienced your own transformation plus you will have guided others through their transformation as you practice the various protocols.

You will have everything you need to start your business and you will already have endorsements from those who have experienced your work.  In addition, you will be featured on this web site and have a product in our store.

This Course includes:
Recordings of the manual
Basic Materials
Weekly calls with your trainer
Feedback from client sessions and your videos
Help from your trainer

Click Here for the Course Syllabus

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