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We have arranged the products so you can begin with some easy stuff and then move to products that take you deeper. The steps are:

Getting Started


Living in a New Way

 Let’s Get Started

In order to change something, you have to be aware of how you are operating in your life. 

This means looking at what’s working and what trips you up.

That’s where color comes in. 

The vibrations of color clearly speak to you about your life.

The colors you love show you abilities and attributes you may not realize you have.  Colors you avoid may point out areas where your life is stuck.

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 Mandala Coloring Book

Coloring Book CoverThrough the simple process of mindful coloring with a set of complementary colors or with the three sets that make up the rainbow, change takes place.  It is subtle and long lasting. It’s fun and transformative for all ages. It brings balance to your life, soothing your body, mind and spirit.

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Mini ColorCards

Mini CardsThe Mini ColorCards include the 16 colors found in the larger set of cards and book.

These are unique because they are smaller (You can carry them in your pocket.)  In a moment, you can go from confusion to clarity.

Let’s say a co-worker is blowing up at you.  Walk away for a minute.  In your mind, ask, “What was that about?”  Shuffle the cards.  Pick a card.  Turn it over.  Whatever is at the top of the card is your answer.  Let’s imagine that you get the lesson in Indigo (see the card above).  It says “Trust what you know.”  You ask yourself what it is that you know about this person or about this situation that you are not paying attention to.  A thought will come.  Use this information to know what to do next, but before you go back to work, do the exercise in the middle of the card, “Breathe yellow-orange for balance.”  In other words, breathe in the saffron gold color of the letters.  This will balance the indigo you are drawing on that is your knowing.  This balance allows you to return to your job in a different mood and with ideas of what to do next.     $7.50 Order Now



Helen says, “I have found the Color Cards book for inner guidance the best on color vibrations. It has helped me so much in identifying the different colors and how their vibes effect our thinking, feeling, and actions. The strengths and lessons are ‘right on’ and the balances are so true. BookThe Life Purpose parts tell is so clearly what one needs to face up to.”

There are 16 colors in the ColorCard Set.  Each chapter in the book shows you the Strengths and Lessons found in the color and the section called Life Purpose lets you know if this is an important part of your life calling.  Exercises following the lessons portion of the chapter walk you through a process that brings the lesson home.

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Here are some additional products that add depth to your experience as you take the Basic Color Course I

Complementary Color Art

Purple_YellowsmLahrinda Eileen, artist for the Luminaries, created special art to go with the 3 pairs of colors found in Basic Color Course 1.  As you work with these pairs, focusing on the art helps you create balance between the colors.  This changes your viewpoint which, helps you become aware of that need to shift and then assists you to transform the energy.

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 Color Energy Bags

Fill these bags with rice, warm them in the microwave, and place them on the energy centers in complementary pairs.

colorbags-nobackgroundThey too assist in balancing the complementary energy centers.  As with the art, this changes the vibration of the energy which often brings new understanding and can dissolve energy that is stuck.

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Harmony through Color CD or Download

Listening to this meditation allows you to balance yourself on many levels (Balance is part of transformation).

It includes the 3 pairs of colors in the Color Course Level 1 and the 3 pairs of colors in Color Course Level 2.  This combines breathing with focusing on the color pairs.  This is a simple daily practice that releases stress and gives you energy for the day.  It can also relax you for a good night’s sleep.

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 Complementary Color Breathing CD 

As part of the Color Course Level 1, you learn breathing techniques that help you shift your energy.

This CD reinforces what you have learned.  Use it with the course.

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Luminaries, a Prism for Change through Reflection and Transformational Art

Co-created by artist Lahrinda Eileen and author Arlene Arnold

The Luminaries combine art and prose plus exercises to assist in your transformation.  The first 12 cards help you resolve any issues still remaining.  The last 12 cards show you how to live in a new way.

This set uses two of your senses to connect with the conscious energy that is here to help you.  Look at the art to take in the vibrations of color and sacred geometry.  Read the prose out loud.  The sound of the words are part of the shift in energy.  The vibrations touch a part of you that knows the truth that is presented here.  This deep connection goes beyond art and words.

More About the Luminaries

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 Frameable Art from the Luminaries

This art comes in two different series.

The first 12 help you transition from the old way of living.     The second 12 help you live freely in a new way.    luminaries grouped

Each of the art pieces from the Luminaries can be purchased as 8-1/2 x 11 frameable art.  This way you can fill your room with the vibration of this art.  Being in that energy every day influences you to embody the meaning of the vibration.  For example, Simply Self  helps you clear out energy that no longer serves your life purpose.  When the waves of energy from this symbala vibrate in your room, it entrains you mind and emotions to join the clearing out process.

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 Living in a New Way

This part of the three step process is less exact, more organic.

Things shift and change easily.  Just as in martial arts, you are learning to move with the energy instead of resisting it.  This way, you are using the energy that is the movement.  This way you gain momentum; you are empowered by it.

The second set of Luminaries belongs in this section as well.

Crystalline Vibrations

As your energy becomes finer, less encumbered, freer, you move into the crystalline vibrations.  You may sense or “see” flecks of light in the atmosphere around you.   You may see halos of light around nature, people, and even inanimate objects.  All of this seems to happen as you become lighter.

In this section you will find ways to understand what you are experiencing as well as ways to continue to raise your vibration.


Ascending with the Crystalline Energy E-book

Arlene Arnold offers this e-book as a guide to changes you may be experiencing as you move into the crystalline grid.

It will help you recognize vibrational changes and go through them with more ease.  Arlene also suggests ways to work with this energy.

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Crystal in the Heart 

Meditation by Arlene Arnold/Music by Dawn-April Williams

This meditation raises the vibration of your personal energy field and that of the earth.  Connect to the earth and others from heart to heart through the crystalline energy strands.  This is a tangible reminder of our Oneness.

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The Diamond Grid

diamondgrid1Meditation by Arlene Arnold

This CD explains how everything is connected through a grid of diamond shapes.  diamondgrid1-nobackground

This structure allows movement of crystalline energy from one form to another.  The meditation takes you through a process of paying attention to the Diamond Grid and then, using a series of colors, shows you how to manifest (bring into form) whatever you deeply desire through the vortexes created by the grid.

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 Crystalline Energy Package

Did you find yourself interested in all we have to offer in crystalline energy?crystalline_energy-package-nobackground

Good, we have a special package just for you.  It includes:

  • The Luminaries
  • Crystal in the Heart CD
  • The Diamond Grid CD
  • Ascending with the  Crystalline Energy E-b00k

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