Dawn Simpson – Color Therapist, Angelic Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher

Do you ever feel lonely, lost, or worried?  I felt that way most of the time while growing up!

That’s why I’m passionate about sharing what has helped me the most.  Like me, you can find your place of healing !  It’s always within you.

I offer a unique combination of Complementary Color Therapy and Angelic Life Coaching to show you how to find that healing place within.  You may recognize what holds you back, but most of us are too close to the hurt and old patterns to be able to heal without some guidance we trust.  That’s where the assistance of color and your angelic team come in.

During a Complementary Color Session you can become aware of your root issues that show up as symptoms such as discouragement and worry.  Because I am an Angelic Life Coach as well, I may also incorporate Angelic Coaching/Healing into your Color session. This means I will be working with your angelic team.  These “Angels in Color” bring messages, guidance, and  next steps for your life– all from a place of love.  If you wish,  I can also incorporate Reiki healing energy into the areas of your body that need assistance. All of my services can be done in person or over the phone.

Following a Complementary Color Session, clients have reported feeling a freedom inside themselves that had been blocked before the session.  You might feel a new sense of direction, an inner peace, and a greater love for yourself.  This kind of work allows you to choose to live the life that you deserve.

Incorporating color into your body, awareness, and life can truly be eye opening, miraculous and life changing. It is never too late to begin your healing journey; it starts with the first step.

If you feel drawn to my work, you can book a session now or if you have questions e-mail me at simpsondawn1@gmail.com


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