Arlene Arnold

Life is a journey. When we live from the truth inside us, that journey gives life meaning.

Where are you on your journey? Are you still running into old patterns that trip you up? That’s where I can help. I’m a Certified Spiritual Guide & Healing Facilitator and the Founder of Complementary Color Therapy.

I do what I call “finishing work.” Not that we are ever done! Just that there comes a point where you have released a lot of what doesn’t work for you, and yet there are some areas that are still bumpy–patterns that still come up.

During a color therapy session with me, you will become aware of some of the following:

• repetitive thoughts that create stress
• emotions that keep reappearing
• things you do that don’t work
• what you believe about the meaning of your life that may or may not be true

From this awareness I guide you through transformational processes to dissolve and release what you are finished with. This opens the way for you to choose patterns of living that support who you are and what you want to contribute to the world. Satisfaction in life (happiness) comes when who you are and how you live match up.

Sessions are 1 hour by phone. Schedule an appointment!

Here’s what others have said about their experience with me.

I have complete faith in Arlene to assist me in the journey of being human.  During my transformational session I immediately felt physical relief in my lower body and gained much needed mental clarity.  By the next day, I felt lighter, peaceful, and settled – sensations long missing from my experience.  I have stopped wondering why color therapy works and now just enjoy the fact that it does.
Ann Joles

Arlene Arnold has the Divine gift of being able to expand and clarify one’s spiritual journey. She not only shares her insights, but also teachers her clients to receive these intuitive impressions by giving them the tools. Arlene is well grounded, with integrity and respect being common threads in her professional relationships. She appears to effortlessly coexist in the earth plane and the energetic spiritual place; thus, can rapidly tap into roadblocks hampering one’s journey. With the spiritual shift we are currently experiencing on this plane, Arlene is eager to help us embrace this change.

Judy Milton, RN

Color Therapy Transformational Session

My session with Arlene was quite extraordinary. I was absolutely uncertain what would happen during our time together, but by the end, I was so intrigued. In such a peaceful, relaxed way, Arlene was able to connect me to my personal challenges by identifying where the blocks were within my body. By using colors to guide me through visualizations, I was able to release my resistance to negative past experiences. This gives me the tools I need to move forward. Arlene is very supportive, kind and patient — her calmness and gentleness offered me such a feeling of safety. Thank you, Arlene

Nancy Lundy

It’s About Time Coaching

“Wow! What a wonderful, insightful being. She touches my heart and brings out the highest truth. I feel truly blessed to have had an opportunity to work with Arlene, she lights my divine path.”

Dan Pierce, Vancouver, WA

My experience with Arlene’s method of healing has been a sense of
completeness and a moving forward to that special purpose we all are
working to attain. Under her guidance I have experienced the shift of
energy and a moving closer to that center of peace within. When I touched
this perfect place within, words cannot describe that wonderful peace and

Virginia Fusselman

In a family counseling situation Arlene has an awesome ability
to help all participants listen to each other and communicate
deep thoughts and feelings. She is able to relate to each person
so that all feel safe, accepted, and heard.


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