Introducing our Certified Complementary Color Therapists

Each of these practitioners has taken the Level 1 Basic Course and a 22 week Training Program.  They have learned 3 ways to offer Complementary Color Therapy:

  • ColorCard Readings (in person & by phone)
  • Transformational Sessions (in person & by phone)
  • Relaxation & Rejuvenation Session (in person on a massage table)

Here you will find a brief introduction that shows you the particular focus of their work.  Click their name to learn more.

2015 small pic Arlene

Arlene Arnold

Founder of Complementary Color Therapy.

Arlene Arnold is a Certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator (1995 )and Color Therapy Expert.  She is on a mission to reach those who have been on their spiritual journey for some time (or are jumping in at quantum speed), who are ready for the next human evolvement. Through multi-dimensional color therapy and inner reality therapy, Arlene guides seekers to shift thoughts, emotions, and patterns of living that are holding them back. This leads to a deeper and deeper understanding of what you are here for and what your next step is. Then, you evolve into higher frequencies of understanding, deeper compassion for your self and others, and a centeredness that keeps you present no matter what the circumstances. Sometimes this is a personal process and sometimes it also includes training to assist others in their evolvement.

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Michael Aschenbrenner

Complementary Color Therapy has changed my life in so many wonderful ways and I would like to guide you through your own unique journey using techniques that have helped me so much.  I specialize in addictions and childhood trauma because that is what I know so well.  If, like me, as a child you felt abandoned, shamed, worthless, or just stuck in the trauma of your growing up years, I can guide you through a self-healing process that will change your life!

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Leslie Romine

I specialize in issues of Personal Power, Authenticity and Manifesting Healthy Relationships because these have been the challenges I have met and grown from personally. Like me, you may have experienced times when old thoughts and beliefs you carry about yourself and your worth have become obstacles in your way to a happier, more joyous life! Through these Color tools and techniques I can guide you to get these stuck places moving again. This can change your life to the one you truly want!

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dawn simpson

Dawn Simpson Color Therapist, Angelic Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher

Do you ever feel lonely, lost, or worried?  I felt that way most of the time while growing up!

I offer a unique combination of Complementary Color Therapy and Angelic Life Coaching to show you how to find that healing place within.  You may recognize what holds you back, but most of us are too close to the hurt and old patterns to be able to heal without some guidance we trust.  That’s where the assistance of color and your angelic team come in.

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Paula Bronte

Additional Practitioners:

Grace Muncie Jarvis 

 Cheryl Butlin

 Joy Barnhardt

 Ailey Hines

 Judy Cowan

 Sue Martin

 Kalena Theissen

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