Nap-itate in Color to Revive Your Energy

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Nap-itate is a combination of the words Nap and Meditate. It fully describes my almost daily practice.

Nap:  I lie down and relax deeply.

Meditate:  I use a simple color breathing exercise to balance my complementary chakra colors (see below) as I stay open to ideas, messages, or pictures that surface.

I wake up totally revived! Often, I write down what came to me or I dive into a creative project that came to me while nap-itating.

I have known for at least a week that I wanted to write a blog post for a newsletter I would be sending out. I couldn’t seem to settle on a topic.  Then, my friend sent me an article about how napping can be extremely healthy for the body. That was it! I felt a desire to share how nap-itating has helped me.

Those of you who have busy lives may wonder how you can take that time at work or even at home to nap-itate. While I was in training to be a Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator, I worked for a small manufacturing company.  I noticed that I was very productive in the morning, but felt like the air had gone out of my energy balloon after lunch.  I had to push myself to finish the day.

I had been used to nap-tating at home before I took the job, but now it did not seem feasible to continue this practice. At some point, I decided I had to find a way to revive my energy! I started leaving the office after I ate lunch.  I went to my car where I had a pillow and blanket.  I tipped the seat back, did my color breathing exercise, and created an intention that I would wake up in 30 minutes. This practice was so successful that it became my habit even when it was cold outside.

If you do not drive your car to work, try closing your office door, lean back in your chair or go to a sofa if there is one in your office or in the bathroom.  Give yourself a 15-30 minute nap-itating break. If that isn’t possible, use the color breathing exercise and simply relax in a chair in the break room.

It is our job to make sure we get enough rest.  The body cannot live on too little rest indefinitely.  Better to be proactive than to wait until the body says, “Enough already!”

You will find that you have fewer sick days and more up days.

Hurray for nap-itating!!!




Complementary Chakra Color Breathing Exercise
You will be working with the following complementary pairs that are across from each other on the color wheel:




Slowly and intentionally do each of the following 3 times. You don’t need to see the colors; thinking about them as you breathe is enough.

Breathe in Red; breathe out Green (3 times)
Breathe in Green; breathe out Red (3 times)

Breathe in Orange; breathe out Blue (3 times)
Breathe in Blue; breathe out Orange (3 times)

Breathe in Yellow; breathe out Purple (3 times)
Breathe in Purple; breathe out Yellow (3 times)

Continuing breathing normally.

Arlene Arnold
Founder of Complementary Color Therapy

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