Free Yourself to Joyfully Live Your Uniqueness!

You are here as a human being to experience life in this physical form and to contribute to this experience from your Uniqueness.  As part of this human experience, we get caught up in thought forms, emotions, and belief systems that don’t fit who we are.

• Are there thoughts that run through your mind that seem out of place?
• Are you taken back to experiences you thought you had dealt with?
• Have you bought into expectations of how things are supposed to be which has led you to judge those who don’t agree?

You are not alone. We have all experienced this.  It’s part of being human.

What if you could dissolve all of that, leaving only what is true for you!?

I hear people say that you can heal, but the scar will still be there.  That’s not my experience.  What we are dealing with is energy that is stuck like an old time record that has a scratch in it that plays the few bars of sound over and over. When this stuck energy is shifted, you can play whatever you choose.

From Albert Einstein, we know that nothing is ever created or destroyed.  It simply changes form.

That’s what happens with Complementary Color Therapy useStuck energy is transformed (dissolved) by visualizing and Breathing Coloin specific ways.  The energy that was stuck is now balanced.  It joins the healthy flow of energy that is your true self, your uniqueness.

It doesn’t matter how deep your wounds are.     

       They can be transformed!
             * They have been part of your life experience.
             * You have learned from them.
             * You have grown from them. 

Now you can move on to the next human experience.  And it doesn’t have to be painful!

Here at The Power of Color we offer a fun yet serious way to learn about color through color therapy, classes, courses, and even training for those who want to become practitioners.  And, most of all, we create a community of seekers who are supported to transform what holds them back and encouraged to live their uniqueness.

Our new Mandala Coloring Book lets you experience the power of complementary colors.

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